What started out as a experimental sister label to showcase the deeper and more melodic side of Anjunabeats, Anjunadeep has since evolved into the more Deep House inspired brand of Above & Beyond as they feature fresh-faced talents from across the globe. While some may decry their decision to switch Anjunadeep from Progressive to Deep House as simply riding on the Deep House craze that is sweeping America, we find that their diverse, multicultural roster and unusually eclectic sound is a far cry from the norm and its existence is smoothly paving the way toward a new revolution in Deep House culture. Featuring artists such as the Brooklyn-based Beckwith, to the beautifully charismatic orchestrations of German-based favorite, Lane 8, the born-again label has slowly built itself from the ground up to feature its own team of unlikely heroes to push the deeper ends of EDM towards the right direction of musical discovery. After a string of class releases such as Jody Wisternoff‘s new vocal single, The Bridge, and the release of the much anticipated remixes to Lane 8‘s Ghost off of his debut album, Rise, Anjunadeep has now secured a new find in the name of Yotto with the release of a dual sided EP entitled Azzurro and Memento. This Finnish mastermind was first snatched up by the trio after hearing his subversive remix to Pierce Fulton‘s Kuaga, and his remix to Super8 & Tab and 7 Skies‘ collaboration of Rubicon was a favorite by artists such as Myon & Shane 54, Michael Woods, Jaytech and Kyau & Albert. First debuted by the legendary Danny Howard during his BBC Radio 1 show, this new single of Azzurro, (which is incidentally meant as the B-Side), is a miraculous experiment into switching up styles and giving fans something fresh to dig their hands into while keeping the classic Deep House formula alive and well.

From my ears, this is easily one of the best releases that Anjunadeep has released all year, simply because the sheer amount of power and energy of the piece keeps the listener electrified and attentive through its murky, musical tendrils. While many current tracks either focus on exemplifying the unknown or hitting us with straightforward Tech House rhythms, this beauty perfectly combines the two in order to give it the necessary brawn needed to stand on its own two feet while exploring a myriad of surreal, musical landscapes. The killer bassline alone gathers its strength from classic Tech House qualities while the inclusion of screaming Techno hi-hats and grinding bass slashes beefs up the main melody and really gives it a mean, meaty punch to the overall character of the piece. However, through its storming groove and relentless drive, one can hear the beginnings of faint pads and fluttering arpeggios that gives it a drifting, exploratory tone as it eases into the shadowy breakdown. While taking cues from classic Progressive House melodies with a fantastic, old school piano break, the whispering winds of strings and wistful chords features some of the vintage Anjunadeep sounds that many have come to love and cherish during the early days of its inception. However, it doesn’t stray too far away from its evil, carnal side, and when the drop unexpectedly arrives, it bellows through like a sonic blast that’s felt through the gut as your body gives way to throat cutting power and stiff arming Techno qualities. As Danny Howard aptly stated during his BBC Radio 1 review, “[Yotto gives us an] epic breakdown; then comes in and slaps you in the face when it drops.”

Yotto‘s debut single of Azzurro will be out tomorrow off of Anjunadeep via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Also make sure to check out the tamer, yet more melodic A-Side entitled Memento to complete the package!


Keep the music alive. -Q


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