News of Zedd on Tinder is old hat by now, having been rinsed and repeated on nearly every blog that could get their grubby mitts on it. However, one little fact bears reporting – when you match with Zedd on Tinder, you can pick up his album True Colors for just $3.99.

The album is already far cheaper than any of his competitors on iTunes sitting at just $7.99 (compare to Calvin Harris’ Motion for $11.99 or Hardwell’s United We Are for $9.99), but Zedd just continually surprises with the amount of PR he’s pouring into this release.

You’ll also be automatically entered to win a limited edition package aka a signed poster, vinyl and stickers, not to mention the potential opportunity to join the man himself for some upcoming fall tour dates.

Now that you know all that’s being offered, Tinder doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Get to swiping, friends.


Image via Holy Ship!