The power and influence of electronic music continue to reveal new facets of itself to me even after years of listening. It seems that with every release, unique spin on an original, and fresh trend that begins to be explored, an entirely new feeling arises in the listener’s mind that is instantly welcomed and studied. The fads are exciting at first, stale after some time, and then antique and treasured once they’ve had time to marinate. Only when an artist approaches these styles with a modern twist and their own individual musical perspective do they become reawakened and able to be felt for the first time all over again. When nostalgia and familiarity can be combined with novelty and originality, the music resonates in a way that the over saturated trends simply cannot imitate.

Lege Kale is an artist who has mastered this concept throughout his wide body of work. Working in tandem with collectives Zen Supremacy and Souletiquette, alongside countless remix of producers like Oshi, Brasstracks, Tek.lun, Sam Gellaitry, and Mr. Carmack, he is well on his way to making substantial waves in the hip hop/R&B-oriented trap and beat scene. His newest release comes as a shining passion project in the form of a five song EP titled The Colours. Lege Kale is able to tell a palpable story throughout his various tracks, separating this work from the rest of his one-track-at-a-time installments. Listen to the effortless fusions of old and new in the player below.

The first track, “Unnamed,” leads quickly from off-kilter arpeggiated plucks into a beat with one of the most satisfying kicks currently in the scene. Abrupt and broken pieces of percussion litter the sonic space as short vocal stabs facilitate the inevitable head bob.

After “Bells,” an eery yet optimistic beat with exotic vocal loops and a deadly rhythm sitting in front, comes “Love“. Beginning with a deep, tonal hits and classic Lege Kale chords, the track evolves into a pure trap heater with a catastrophic snare and a one-note bell to carry you through. After a short refrain, the beat returns with enough strange noises to give it new life and energy. He finishes the song with a funky jazz riff and a chance to soulfully clap along.

In the number four spot is “Bounce,” undoubtedly a potential fan favorite. Its simple yet meaningful melody and rhythm to match allow the listener to easily attach themselves to its flow and take away from it as much or as little as they please. Finally comes “Notes“. Reminiscent of a more laid back and to-the-point Sam Gellaitry beat, this one has quickly become my personal favorite. Driven by its melancholy melody, Lege Kale takes welcome breaks from the percussion to play liberally with different chords and synths. You’ll instantly be able to tell why he chose “Notes” as the conclusion to the EP, as it will certainly be stuck in your head long after you’ve shut it off.

Visit Lege Kale’s Bandcamp page to purchase your deluxe copy, and receive the two additional bonus tracks “Can I” and “Ripples” for free! The Colours will also be available on iTunes very soon.