Well at least someone’s not afraid to tell the truth. In the wake of the horrible, over-glamorized We Are Your Friends trailer, two people have stepped up and delivered a version that really tells the truth about the dance music industry.

The new We Are Your Friends dares to go where Hollywood doesn’t – following Zac Efron’s character as he tries to break into the industry, with the help of ghost producers, molly, every Beatport top 100 song you hate (but also the never-ending classic that is “Sandstorm” and also “Animals”), and still a laptop and minimal talent. Major props goes to Joman and Allie Janisch for answering the one question most people have been asking: why the fuck is Zac Efron wearing his headphones in almost every scene of this trailer?! Take a look at this new version of We Are Your Friends and try not to laugh, I dare you.

Photo: TLO