Remixes, like my fellow humans, come in all shapes and sizes. There are remixes that simply add vocals, remixes that completely change genres, hell, there are even remixes of remixes of covers of edits. One type of remix I haven’t encountered is one that is perfectly described by the name of the artist that created it.

Well, FromDropTillDawn’s new remix of Gregori Klosman’s “Time To Be Alone” has achieved just that.

If the original played the role of the daytime, with bright, tickling synths and lighthearted vocals, then the remix by FromDropTillDawn definitely plays the role of what happens when the sun goes down. Gone is the playful piano, instead replaced with a brooding pulse synth that sets the dark overtone. An overtone that, although dark, does nothing more than make you want to move your body. The vocals are just as vital to the track, which are either being injected in chopped bits or oozing through in deep melancholy. Already having gained plenty of momentum with their original track “Bass Kick” which they dropped in March, it looks as if FromDropTillDawn is in for a summer loaded with long bass filled nights.