So about a month ago, THUMP posted an article asking, “Is Uppermost the next big thing in French house?” And I was like, “Uh… duh. He’s already released like six albums in the past four years.” But to their credit, and they do deserve it, Uppermost is an artist worthy of bringing attention to.

The French producer just released a 6-track EP on his own imprint, Uppwind Records, and it’s all kinds of French yumminess.

Entitled New Moon, this EP is everything that French house should be these days – energetic, upbeat, full of melody and rhythm, and most importantly … those telltale synths. French house is one of the most recognizable genres purely because of its synths rather than the BPM or rhythm of the tune. Perhaps not when you’re first listening, but after a bit, it becomes readily apparent when you’re listening to a French house tune, and it’s easy as beating a blind Amish person at poker for Uppermost.

However, Uppermost is expanding a bit here and using some new sounds – like the 808s in “Speed Of Light” or the hip hop rhythm in “Blame It On Love.” And you know what? It’s still damn good.

What I mean to say, and what I’m eventually getting at, is that New Moon and Uppermost in general are perfect for both new listeners and long-time lovers of French house alike.

Pick it up on iTunes now.