Dusky are those DJs that make the world collectively drop everything when something new goes up on their Soundcloud. They made a quick appearance at WMC playing just one midweek Dusky & Friends showcase before heading home. In the last two months they introduced us to Velvit and Christian Piers on their label 17 Steps, but now that they’re gearing up for a string of shows in the US including Spring Awakening and EDC Las Vegas, Nick and Alfie are making sure that they’re bringing that new hotness with them.

“Jilted” starts with an intro similar to “Love Takes Over,” but when that bassline kicks in, the track is unlike anything anyone else has been putting out lately. On their Soundcloud, they quip that it’s “one for the ravers ;)” which is accurate given the retro vibe throughout the track. Like many of their other songs as of late, Dusky are bringing classic underground vibes to combat the cookie cutter house music that’s being released due to its growing mainstream success. “Jilted” is another home-run for these two Londoners, who will be releasing their Ordinary World EP on July 31 on their label 17 Steps. Listen to “Jilted” below: