That’s right, moombahton baby! Thanks to Bad Royale we add another momentous record to the genre’s list of bangers. It’s so good that I even had to write about it despite being kidnapped by the four members of the group (at least I’m still in Disneyland). Their record “Fi Go Squeezy” is a collaboration with Timberlee that Buygore backed and pushed to the world for free. For those of you heading out to Vegas or there already, you’ll want to head over to the label’s party at the Foxtail Pool at SLS on June 18th to catch these four weirdos and other squad members in action. Watch out though, they get pretty wild.

Free Download

As if kidnapping a blogger, and releasing a free single wasn’t enough, the guys just recently announced their Move Like EP that will be released by Mad Decent on June 25th. It consists of five heaters that you get a preview of in their promo mix. Have a listen, prepare however you need to; and please, if you can, get me out of here. Disneyland is only the happiest place on Earth for so long.