Black Tiger Sex Machine and Lektrique join forces for a jaw-dropping collaboration on “Religion”. Really, your jaw will drop, and your mind just might explode. It’s truly an epic song that will melt faces all summer long as BTSM tackles festival after festival. As they should, BTSM describes the track the best:

The track starts off slowly as ominous horns and rumbling filtered drums give way to a haunting vocal melody. Massive stabs then rip through the song like lightning bolts sent down from the Elder Gods of Electro. The energy amps up as a melodic synth builds into the most face-melting drop these artists have ever produced, full of screeching saw-waves and earthshaking subs. The intensity goes down for a brief interlude before coming back with a vengeance as a morphing bass line once again brings forth the Wrath of the Gods.

If you’re heading out to Electric Forest, make sure to check out their set. The Great Glow is the Forest Family‚Äôs first ever glowing flash mob. Taking over Tripolee at 10PM on Sunday during BTSM’s set, The Great Glow will bring the energy of the final night together. Bring your light up toys, poi, glowing staffs, EL wire totems, and your light up costumes to make the final entrance to The Forest the best moment yet.