The Chicago trap gods have blessed another up-and-coming producer, so you might want to be sitting down for this one. With yet another classic rap phrase, Young Live has created a banger which was instantly added to my driving playlist.

The track starts out with a bouncy intro riddled with moombah bongos and a filtered riser. With a deep house-esque pluck synth, the verse rolls in and has you guessing at the all-encompassing genre. In comes┬áthe quintessential trap snare, and you find yourself bobbing your head in anticipation for the massive drop that’s about to slap you silly. Young Live provides an interesting spin on this one, as he utilizes a Melbourne Bounce synth in a fresh manner, amping up the compression to fit the overwhelming filth of trap.

I don’t wanna ruin the experience for you, so you’ll have to listen to the second drop for yourself, as an enhanced vocal modulation gives your speakers a run for their money. Keep an eye out for Young Live during the second half of 2015, as he is scheduled to play Foam World in Atlanta among many other shows.