Electric Family is one of those lifestyle brands out there that is much more than meets the eye. As they have continued to do, the group of philanthropic leaders have kept you fitted fresh, while also giving back to communities all over the world. In keeping with their positive ways, Electric Family have released their brand new Summer collection.

Dig their tees and tanks? Well Electric Family has added more than just a few new ones to the mix, including tie-dyes for those of you who are looking to get extra colorful this Summer season. Want a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes (and to look dope af)? They’ve got you covered with incredible snapbacks that are going to sell fast. The crew even added some new shorts to their catalog! And as always, they have their signature bracelets for anyone looking to add cool accessories to their wardrobe.

Check out the full collection through the link below, and act fast, because Electric Family fans have already been waiting for these goods since the last collection dropped! Ps, be on the lookout for the Loyalty series!

View Electric Family Summer Collection

Tank TOp