Two Michigan residents were charged for possession of large quantities of drugs at Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware this past weekend. Police identified 31-year old Daniel Wood and 39-year old Dion McPherson had LSD, bath salts and other drugs.

The two were busted Friday afternoon when the pair tried to tell MDMA to an undercover officer during the festival. After the Dover Police Department’s Drugs, Vice and Organized Crime Unit tested the drugs, it was revealed that the substance contained mephedrone, better known as bath salts. Between Wood and McPherson there was 44.1g of bath salts, 58.8g of hallucinogenic mushrooms, 30.5g of marijuana, and 225 doses of LSD as well as $3397 in cash.

Dover PD has charged the pair with  myriad of offenses including possession of a tier-five quantity of mephedrone, possession with intent to deliver marijuana, delivery of mephedrone, and second-degree conspiracy. The two were sent to a correctional center nearby with a bail set at $100,000.  Police have stated that this was one of the largest drug busts for the state, and that Firefly in general was a smooth event, despite this large bust and a major storm that evacuated the grounds on Saturday.


Source: Delaware State News

Photo: Visited Delaware