Move over Jay Z and Beyonce, there’s a new royal couple in town.

Actors and sports stars be damned, musicians are raking in money. Or at least, the top 10% are. Calvin Harris was recently revealed to have a net worth of $110 million, but we’re not talking about net worth. We’re talking about income.

Combined, Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris made a whopping $146 million last year. Compare that to Jay Z & Beyonce’s “paltry” $110.5 million that earned them the second place slot.

The interesting thing is that neither Tay Tay nor Calvin made the top 15 on Forbes’ Celebrity 100, while Beyonce was #1 and Jay Z was #6. Apparently metrics are different for each category, but we’ll trust Forbes’ math on this one.

Forbes teased the “world’s highest paid celebrities” as a part of their rollout of the upcoming annual Celebrity 100, which will be published June 29.


Source: Billboard // Time