Caravan Palace, the singular group which arguably broke electro swing to the masses, is coming back with their third album in October.

The title of the album is “<|°_°|>”. I’ve been trying to think of a name for the symbol, but nothing comes to mind. It’s like when your phone doesn’t recognize a specific emoji and that blank box shows up instead – that’s what comes into my mind when reading “<|°_°|>”.

Regardless, their first single does have a name, and it’s “Comics”. “Comics” is less of the swing style that we’ve come to know Caravan Palace for, but make no mistake, it still has that heavenly groove and old-timey vibe that we’ve come to love Caravan Palace for. And as they’ve confirmed on their Facebook page, “Don’t be afraid, it’s just the first extract!”

Pre-orer <|°_°|> via iTunes here. It’s out October 16th!