18 years after his death, The Notorious B.I.G. has been reborn. Not literally, of course, but figuratively, with a fresh dance twist to the classic hip-hop anthem “Juicy.” For a quick idea on how this remix sounds, just imagine that our beloved Kygo collaborated with, let’s say, Dr. Dre. Yeah. While the entire concept is a bit strange, the result is no less than impressive, as the two sounds seamlessly combine to form an unique and enjoyable remix.

The culprit of this masterminded production is none other than the French producer Axero, who captured my ears and my heart last February with his progressive house single “Move.” More recently, Axero has repeatedly branched out his sound into many other styles, including future house, and (of course) tropical house. Abandoning big room saws and common dance drum samples, the aspiring producer quickly picked up saxophone and electric guitar, showing his true ability as a musician. Now please, stop reading this article and just listen to the remix. Your time will be well-wasted, I promise.