I first wrote about Bluescreens over a year ago when I was still doing the D&B Charts for another blog, but I’ve kept up with their work since then, and I’m happy to be the first to announce that they’re starting their own label, Bang On Records, and Your EDM has their first single right here.

“You & Me” isn’t an entirely original title for a track, having been used by Bassnectar, Diamond Eyes, Disclosure, Flume, James Egbert, Laszlo x WRLD, and I’m sure a few more … but make no mistake, this track is plenty original in its own right.

It’s got a little liquid, a little neuro, and a whole lot of soul and groove. All pieces combined constitute a unique track that I can’t help but play over and over.

It’s out on iTunes today, grab it here. You can also grab it on Beatport.

Artwork ©Florent Giffard