Fans of drum & bass aren’t strangers to the name Rene LaVice. Though his career only spans the last five years – much less than a lot of DnB producers – he has pushed the genre forward with his inventive sound design and imaginative productions.

“Hotblooded” comes off of his forthcoming EP, featuring the perfect vocals of Ivy Mairi, the same vocalist from Rene’s last hit “The Calling.” The sounds on this track could have easily been made with live instruments, considering how crisp and clear those toms and snares are. Not to mention the wild and erratic bassline on top of the heavy neuro synths, Ivy’s vocals serve as a stark contrast. The vocal hooks are easy and memorable, giving fans that extra bit to latch onto as they turn to their friends and say, “Oh! Oh! Wait for this next part!”

I’m able to hear some really strong Qemist vibes on this tune, and I’m happy that this style of DnB hasn’t fallen to the wayside in favor of a junglist revival.

“Hotblooded is a tune that bleeds between genres, it’s a fun tune about vampires and love. It’s also got a heavy switch up on the drop that gets even the chin-strokiest of clubbers to go mental on then dance floor.”

– Rene LaVice

If you’re not headbanging at that drop, then I don’t even know what to tell you.

The Hotblooded EP is set to release July 10th on RAM Records. You can pre-order your copy from the RAM store here.