BloodThinnerz count themselves among a host of producers who are keeping the dark and heavy dubstep scene thriving. Their productions are bone-rattling and grimy, and that’s just how we’d like it.

We caught up with the duo for their new track “Penance” and asked them some pressing questions. Check out the track and interview below.

In your opinion, what has changed in the Dubstep scene since you’ve come onto the scene? What would you like to see more of?

Since we’ve come on, there has been an explosion of different styles of dubstep. Really there is something for everyone. It is also really incredible how far the latest generation is taking sound design! It’s very exciting how the sound of dubstep continues to evolve and mature. We would definitely like to see others push themselves to the next level!

How do you feel about the return of Dubstep to the underground?

Indifferent to be honest…have always had love for dubstep so personally it makes little difference for us. Although it is interesting, once the smoke settled there has been an influx of new producers. A lot of these new guys are really pushing the envelope!

Describe your music in one sentence.


What’s the best & worst part of producing a track.

Aero Blood: The “best part” in my opinion is creating a creepy intro. I love intros and believe it’s one of the most important parts of a track. You have to give your audience a sort of vibe before the drop hits! The “worst part” I would say is naming the track itself.. lol. It’s always a hard time for us to try and come up with a name.

Manimosity: Favorite part is setting the vibe for the track. Have been experimenting a lot more with melodies recently, so that in particular has been very exciting. My least favorite part is definitely adding the finishing touches to a track. I tend to get very ocd adding all these small details and nuances. It’s very time consuming, but so worth it once its finished!

Who’s been on your radar recently as upcoming artists to watch this year?

Have to shout out our “Arcane Talent” family, they are all extremely talented individuals! We are so honored to work with this team. You can most definitely expect them to make big movements! Also a huge shout out to our Savage Society Team!

Any releases or tours we can look forward too from you guys in the near future?

Absolutely! July 14 we are releasing “Penance” through “Escence Audio.” So excited for this one to drop, the title track has been a crowd favorite all year! Also on the release will be: Legions, Pulsate, and a straight savage collab with our brother Aweminus entitled Friction.

How do you like to get over writers block?

Easiest way for us is to spend time writing out drum patterns, making new sounds, and using new vocal samples. Usually at least one of these things will provide us with an idea for a new track almost instantly. Also quick tip for anyone who hasn’t yet, resample your basses. Doing this has helped us out so much in writing new material, it forces you to think of new ways and techniques to write out your track.

Is there any genre you haven’t tried making yet that you want to try your hand at?

We are actually in the middle of experimenting with new styles and genres, We won’t reveal too much since many of the tracks are in their early stages, but will be planning these for release. Some of these new tracks have little resemblance to the BloodThinnerz sound, so there could be room for another alias…we shall see lol.

How does playing in LA differ from playing across the country?

The main difference is that LA is our hometown, seeing our family and friends continue to support us through out the years is a very heart warming feeling lol. Playing across the country is so mental, traveling to an unfamiliar place to link up with our supporters is so exciting. Absolutely love that! Regardless where we play, we strive to put on an excellent show. That bit remains the same!

Any festivals in particular you’re looking forward too/playing this year?

Right now we are looking forward to Wobbleland’s Toxic Summer in San Francisco! It is a two day event from July 30-31. We’re very excited to share the stage with our homies, and some straight dons! Anyone who will be in the area will not want to miss this, we’ve got so much new material waiting to be dropped. Absolutely ready to chop up SF!