Nitro Fun has been a favorite of mine ever since I first heard his now-classic “Cheat Codes”. He’s incredibly well known for his chiptune sound, and he’s made quite a name for himself by working alongside Monstercat.

He recently released his new single “Final Boss” which is apart of his “New Game” chronology. He wanted to take this track to another level, by incorporating his signature sounds with a fresh game plan. You can clearly hear his trademark complex and fun filled beats, but Nitro Fun stayed true to his word about amping things up. He changes the bpm a bit and he focused on a new platform by adding some sexy guitar and awesome vocals. I personally cannot wait to hear more from him, as he’s always got this way of making music that’s energetic, happy, and insanely intricate. Check out more from Nitro Fun by visiting his Soundcloud and catching up on his social media sites.