While it isn’t common, it happens every once in a while: You’re at a show, enjoying yourself. The headliner who you’ve been waiting for all night comes on and he’s … awful. Not even just a few mess ups, but he must be high, drunk and down with the flu with the set that he’s throwing. Even though you paid $40 for this show, you can’t take another minute and leave. You’re left feeling cheated and wasteful, but at least you saved your sanity.

But what if you could get your money back? One country is giving you that opportunity.

Finland has recently enacted legislation that would allow concertgoers to recoup their money in the case of an objectively bad show. In order to reduce abuse of the legislation, there must be a “generally agreed view that the concert was a failure,” rather than one man’s subjective opinion.

Now imagine this in the US.


Image via Rukes