It has just been reported by a string of Mexican news agencies that the frontman for the Dash Berlin project, Jeffrey Sutorius, has been reported missing following a bicycle tour in the Mayan Jungle. Dash Berlin’s team reported:

“It has been a couple of hours since Dash Berlin went on a bike tour of the Mayan jungle. On the way, he left the group and so far his location is unknown.”

This story has been corroborated by two news agencies in Mexico so far, with more coming in.

So far, three searches have been made with no luck. We wish the best for Dash Berlin and hope this is resolved soon.

We will keep you updated as the information comes in.

Update: Dash Berlin reportedly took to his Facebook page to announce to his fans that he’s ok. At this point we are still not sure why Dash Berlin is posting these messages using privacy settings to limit the posts to Mexico but we will keep you updated on the situation.

Update 2: Dash Berlin just took to both his Twitter and Facebook account to reassure his fans that he is fine. We are currently awaiting more information from his team and PR who have surprisingly remained completely absent and unhelpful throughout the ordeal.


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