It’s fairly common knowledge that nightclubs are always trying to find new and creative ways to attract and retain the attention of fans around the world. From crazy productions, CO2 cannons, provided props and more, the world of clubbing is constantly evolving to captivate an audience.

However, there is a fine line on what’s okay and what isn’t. For instance, bringing a real horse into the club, surrounded by screaming drunk people and loud music, probably isn’t the best idea.

Pacha Ibiza was trying to make a statement this year and they decided to try the whole “let’s bring a freakin horse to the club” approach for a David Guetta show. Deadmau5, however, wasn’t too thrilled about it:


Although Deadmau5 will always find something to rant about, he happens to be 100% correct on this one. The club is no place for a horse.

Check out the video from the event below and be the judge yourself:


H/T: Beatport