I love Sullivan King and everything that he stands for as an artist. While other artists have dabbled in the metal and bass music crossover, like Rudebrat or Mantis or even Excision, Sullivan King lives in that realm. He shreds guitar on stage, screams in his own tracks, and produces to back it all up.

This remix is the quintessential result of all of his talents rolled up into a neat little 5-minute package.

Aside from the vocals and a bit of the bassline, the remix is unrecognizable from the original. It begins with, to be honest, a less than stellar dubstep section. But the beauty of Sullivan King lies in the build… the anticipation

Close to the halfway mark, you get a bone-crushing metal guitar solo from Sullivan that reminds you why you love him. And it doesn’t stop there, you get the double bass pedals next, really bridging that metal gap. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! He goes into an even heavier breakdown with a scream intro, bringing the original groove back into a drum & bass banger and all hell absolutely breaks loose.

This is not a song you mix out of in a set. If you play this track, you’re in it for the long haul.