Right off their EP release for Mad Decent, Bad Royale are back again for another 5-track release on Buygore, entitled Welcome To The Badlands.

Switching up styles once again, Bad Royale take on reggae, dancehall and, yes, even Latin dance in this magnificent EP. And dare I say, they do it way better than Diplo.

Starting off with “King” featuring Richie Loop, you immediately get a taste for what this entire release will sound like. It’s reggae and dancehall in its purest – you don’t even hear anything resembling a drop until the last third of the track. Next up is “Tight,” switching it up a bit and moving more toward dancehall and adopting a little less from reggae; though, the whole point of the EP is to meld these styles together, so neither is absolutely abandoned.

“Sweat” features Nina Dioz and an almost completely Spanish vocal section, something unfortunately rare in EDM marketed to the US. The beat is characteristically dancehall and Latin-inspired, pushing for that absurdly dancey rhythm, forcing you onto the dance floor. “Ride The Lightning” is the first undeniably trap tune that we hear, but even then, it’s still retaining that dancehall sound. The final track is “Mash It Up” featuring the Ragga Twins, one of the most recognizable names in ragga vocals these days thanks to collaborations with Skrillex. This one, too, is a trap banger with hints of moombahton, but it goes considerably harder than it’s predecessor.

Oh. Did I mention that all four producers in Bad Royale – Kevin Wild, Maor Levi, Bruce Karlsson, & Elias Ghosn – originally started in trance. Yeah. Talk about a switch up.

Welcome To The Badlands is out now on Buygore.

Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1CEujTd
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1dYvLnJ
Itunes: http://apple.co/1DeT6Za