Tommy Trash isn’t exactly a name you’d expect to see coming from Armada. The Aussie-born electro / big-room powerhouse was known to produce progressive classics in his earlier days (remember “Reload” with Seb Ingrosso?) and his newest single is another one of those tracks. His debut release through Armada, “Wake the Giant,” is a progressive-house banger, a nice tip of the hat to his older productions.

“Wake the Giant” features singer JHart on vocal duty, and his higher range fits very well with Tommy Trash’s sound. Soft synths and a nice piano line back his singing, and bring a classic Tommy Trash vibe with them. The drop brings a pulsating bassline and an army of chords, sounds reminiscent of “Reload” or his “Ladi Dadi” remix. These make their way into the mix, securing that progressive-house feel and this song’s place as a progressive house anthem.

Stream the track below or head to Beatport iTunes to purchase!