Reddit‘s AMA interviewing format has given the internet community a novel and far more personal way to interact and converse with some of their biggest inspirations. The only drawback, thus far, is the separation of language between fans of different nationalities. Reddit is an almost exclusively English-oriented website. And although many are able to understand the content and communicate somewhat effectively despite the barrier, there has remained a lack of dedicated services that directly translate the questions and answers for the international audience. That is, until now.

Japanese hybrid site AsQme has begun to facilitate an interaction between fan and artist that connects the two different cultures and languages in a more fluid way than ever before. On their website, Japanese fans are able to ask some of their favorite artists questions in their home tongue. The best questions are then translated into English for those being interviewed. The artist then records short, individual video logs of themselves answering the fans, and the videos are translated back into Japanese and posted.

This is no smalltime operation either, as their current participant is none other than Porter Robinson (with Deadmau5 to follow shortly). With seven vlogs already completed, and many more to follow, Your EDM presents you with the very first look at this unique series. We’ve translated Porter Robinson’s questions into English, but the originals can be accessed here on AsQme’s website.

Question 1: “Thank you for visiting Japan again! Who’s your favorite EDM producer? And do you have any favorite Japanese artists? I am looking forward to seeing you again!”

Question 2: “I’m very happy that you are coming to Japan for Summer Sonic! Do you like Japan? If so, what do you like about Japan?”

Question 3: “Do you have any favorite Japanese words or phrases?”

Question 4: “Thank you so much for also doing a headline show in Japan! I like your live style and I am proud that you love Japan. Before “Language”, you used to make more mainstream EDM songs and I also love all the songs off of the album “Worlds” because they are very beautiful. In fact, I love all your records. That said, what kind of music do you plan to make for the future? I am always looking forward to your new music.”

Question 5: “When you make music, what do you obsess about?”

Question 6: “How did you come to like Japan? P.S. I love you.”

Question 7: “Which of your songs do you want us to listen to most? I promise I will listen to it over and over again until I see you perform at Sonic Mania!”