To start, it’s key to note that Michael Brun and Roy English have a really good track here. Tastes, styles, vibes aside, ‘Tongue Tied July‘ is an outrageously catchy, well produced, well sung track that is going to appeal to a lot of people, end of story. With that out of the way, we can enjoy the track for what it is: an indie/dance/pop track made to catch on to radio play – an asset and ability every producer and singer yearns for.

We’ve heard what Brun can do in the vein of progressive and big room house. To see him shed that entirely for ‘Tongue Tied July‘ in such a high quality fashion is amazing. Not many producers are capable of carefully crafting a production that so perfectly encloses Roy English‘s unique voice. The man behind the addictive top line of Alesso’s ‘Cool’ turns in a stellar performance as well for TTJ, and together they have made a track that perhaps perfectly captures the vibe of dance music right now.