WHITEHORSE is back with a brand new remix, and this time she’s brought her friend Beatty along for the ride. They two artists have created a “Baelife Remix” of Beyonce’s “7/11” and it’s quite out there, but in a very good way.

The track itself begins with a bang, literally a lot of bangs which leaves a lot to the imagination of what’s about to happen next. From there you can hear Bey’s vocals, edited quite nicely with some ethereal fluttering sounds in the background. This tune has a blissful and surging intensity that builds and drops into an experimental downtempo rhythm. It’s a basshead’s absolute dream, and I believe many listeners will be thoroughly impressed. It’s not every day you come along an artist who’s willing to go leaps and bounds to touch others’ lives with their energy and the the way they feel about the music they make. WHITEHORSE and Beatty really created a successful piece here, and I cannot wait to hear what comes next. Be sure to follow WHITEHORSE and Beatty and check out the music video below for this track, which by the way, is also available for free download.

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