Elysian Records is arguably one of the best labels in trap right now, releasing tracks from the best of the best in the up-and-comer scene. Tracks from artists like QUIX, Da-Bow, and LVX have been put out through Elysian, and the most recent release by Lazy Boyz is no exception. “Throne” is a hard-hitting banger, full of all that heavy bass to satisfy any and all trap fans.

The song starts off with a unique vocal sample, setting the mood for the carnage to come. A slow kick pounds in the background, supported by claps and a quick hi-hat line. A low fog-horn sounding note plays underneath it all, adding just enough color to the intro to keep it interesting. This gives way into a chorus of wailing synths, which Lazy Boyz use to deliver those true festival trap sounds we were waiting for. A punchy sub rings in support, but the synths really take the main focus; they deliver a head-bobbing rhythm that drives the track forward. Overall, “Throne” is an ear-pleasing trap tune, sure to make it’s way into a few of the remaining festival sets this season.

Stream the track below or click HERE for free download!