You may remember that when Zomboy released “Here to Stay”, the track was given to Delta Heavy to manipulate with frankly brutal results. Well, it’s now Zomboy’s turn to stamp his mark on a Delta Heavy track, namely their newest release, “Ghosts”.  Out 17th July through RAM, we know you’re going to be thankful for it.

We love it when a track is completely altered and given a new life through a remix, and this one of those moments, for sure. Only in the introduction can you hear the original mix, mainly through the lead vocal, but from that moment on, it’s given that totally tear-out vibe from an artist who has created a whole movement around his unique sound.

If you’re a fan of the Never Say Die camp, then this is gonna be a must buy. Make sure you check the original as well for a master-class in making a melodic tune get your face screwing. Pick up the bundle here.