Non Sequitur is a rising star in the San Francisco’s electronic music scene, landing residencies at some of the Bay Area’s top clubs. Combined with her prowess behind the decks is a serious knack for production, unleashing hard-hitting club anthems. Non Sequitur’s newest track, “Punctuated Equilibrium,” may be her best work to date, delivering a flawless mixture of electro, prog-house, and trance.

The song starts off with a simple kick-and-snare beat supported by a heavy bass line and layers of synth blips. From the beginning, Non Sequitur showcases her ability to seamlessly blend genres, as the bass has its roots in electro while the drums and higher notes bring major trance vibes to the introduction. These give way to huge progressive chords at the interlude, and the drop is a smooth chorus of beautiful synths. Non Sequitur’s “Punctuated Equilibrium” is a certified banger, dealing out epic chords guaranteed to grab your attention.

Check out the track below or click HERE for free download!