The marketing team behind Disclosure certainly knows how to build hype, as seen by the reaction to the hints of a new collaboration with pop star Sam Smith. The brotherly duo helped launch Smith to stardom with the hugely popular single “Latch“, and Smith has since gone on to sell out arenas and net quite a few Grammy awards. Almost three years later, the house duo and pop icon once again team up, this time for the lead single “Omen” off Disclosure’s upcoming sophomore album Caracal.

Disclosure unveiled “Omen” and its accompanying video early Monday morning, and the anticipation for the new single was definitely worth it. Akin to the production in “Latch”, Disclosure have assembled a groovy instrumental to complement Smith’s now-recognizable vocals. Smith delivers with yet another memorable chorus, and his lyrics never overpower the brothers’ future garage synths and basslines. The music video continues the dystopian storyline established in the “Holding On” music video, which marks the second entry to an eventual four-part series. Caracal releases worldwide on September 25, 2015.

Check out the full video for “Omen” below: