Eagle I Stallian are back with the next installment of their upcoming EP, Searching for Frequencies. The first track, “Connection Made,” had a laid-back feel to it, offering a look into the softer side of trance. “Holding Stars” is the newest addition to the EP, and it flawlessly showcases the duo’s diversity in the studio.

Another stunning trance original, “Holding Stars,” is a high-energy tune that also features Brandon Mignacca on vocal duty. Eagle I Stallian start things off with a simple introduction, utilizing smooth synths and a steady kick to really nail the trance vibes. This paves the way for a beautiful piano interlude, which provides the perfect atmosphere for Brandon Mignacca’s singing. The interlude begins to pick the pace up a little bit as it leads the track into the drop. Epic chords grace the mix, unleashing sounds reminiscent of a trance/prog-house hybrid. Eagle I Stallian have proven once-again that they’re capable of competing with the big dogs in the trance scene.

Stream the track below or click HERE for free download!