Our favorite tirade-producing trance artist John Askew is back at it again after two equally interesting appearances from Steve Aoki and David Guetta at Tomorrowland this year.

If you don’t remember who John Askew is, we don’t blame you. He had a short 15 minutes of blog fame two years ago when he called out Avicii, prompting the epic response below.

Now he’s at it again, criticizing Aoki and Guetta for their non-EDM antics, such as playing the Titanic theme, or the more egregious “If You’re Happy And You Know It.” Though it seems that Askew confuses who did what in his rant, it’s fun to read through his long criticism of the main stage persona. Read below.

I don’t know who’s the bigger tool – Aoki or the thousands of bell ends standing there watching and singing along to this car crash atrocity. And then there’s the other act of utter musical criminality – “If You’re Happy and you Know it Clap Your Hands”.

Surely this is the final straw??? Surely it can’t go any lower – can it???

If you were in that crowd, if you responded yes to “do you trust me”, if you sang along, if you were then “happy and you knew it and you clapped your hands” – you need to take yourself to one side, have a long hard look in the mirror and evaluate what in God’s name is going on in that cavernous vortex where your brain is supposed to be.

Soulless, mindless, pointless, brainless, meaningless horseshit that has now added an even more abominable dimension to a “scene” that was already sailing way too close to the icebergs (I know right – where to begin on the irony….).

We were once inspired by headliners who pushed boundaries, pioneered new electronic sounds, explored the the futhest possibilities of technological experimentation – and now we have nursery rhymes and Celine cunting Dion covers…….


What’s next? Musical chairs? Musical statues? Guest appearances from the Teletubbies or Bob The Builder?

If I ran Tomorrowland I’d demand an explanation – or maybe a refund. Either way words ought to be had and given the chance I’d relish the opportunity to have them.

“Do you trust me!”


“We’re going to do the Titanic together!!”

No we’re not. You are. Alone. Hopefully somewhere far away in the North Atlantic Ocean where there are plenty of icebergs but absolutely no internet connection. Good day to you.

Honestly this seems like a cut and dry case of a sad, angry man. People were not forced to be at the main stage for either Steve Aoki or David Guetta, and if they were there, then they likely knew exactly what they were getting.

As for the rest of the entire Tomorrowland lineup, there were plenty of other choices to see other than the main stage. Yes, that includes trance.