UK duo Stööki Sound have just revamped one of their older tunes, “Shut Up?,” offering the new version for free to their followers. Renamed “Talkin’ About,” this VIP edit breathes new life into the original, bringing an exciting spin to a Stööki Sound classic.

Not much about the intro changed, which is not a complaint by any means as the original’s was perfect as it was. It’s ominous but not too dark, and adds an ideal amount of pre-drop hype. The drop is where things really start to pick up. Stööki Sound utilize a pluck-y string instrument sound that is extremely reminiscent of Troyboi. A simple drum pattern plays in the background, keeping the track organized and on-beat while not drawing all of the listener’s attention. “Talkin’ About” is a nice rendition of an already great song, sure to please those looking for that underground trap sound with a little more energy to it.

Included with “Talkin’ About” is an op-ed written by the members of Stööki Sound. In addition to this, the duo have announced a string of North American tour dates that can be viewed HERE. Be sure to check the duo’s message to their fans after the jump!

Stream the track below or click HERE for free download!

“The music industry is one of the hardest things to make it in. It’s basically a high school lunch room where everyone is at their own tables. You have the cool kids who control everything, the nerds, the goths, the jocks, etc. I suppose making weird music like we do, and making what we actually like and not what will make us rich has put us in the corner. But were okay with that, we love what we do, and we want people to know it’s okay to make YOUR music and not just copy everyone else for fame.

Right now it’s a crazy time for music. You have every opportunity as an artist to get your music heard by people, yet it’s the hardest time to catch a break from the right industry people. It’s sad, so much talent is being lost, and creativity is being stomped out. Someone needs to stop and say “this isn’t how it should be” The kids are wanting something different, we played a ton of UK Grime on our last tour, and they went off! Not something you’d usually expect out of the states, but it makes us so excited for this next tour.

We started the Stooki Movement to inspire people to think outside the box and create from their hearts.  Right now theres a group of these 18-22 producers taking over Soundcloud but no ones taking them as seriously as they should. No ones giving them that helping hand that could launch them forward. It’s time for us to step up, and keep the creative movement going. Or we can stay on the internet and complain that the industry is f’d.

From now on we want to open up the movement to everyone who wants to break rules and push boundaries. We want to support the creatives who don’t have the same outlets that we do at this point in our career. From now on you’ll see us supporting smaller artists when it comes to making music or touring, because thats how it should be. The Stooki Movement is all about supporting one another, and we hope you join. Come out to our shows and say hi, drop us messages on social media, whatever you have to do, you’re welcome to join the ride.”