Kultur is definitely one of my favorite artists when it comes to the production of chill tunes. He’s released countless singles, remixes, and all have been truly pleasing. A couple weeks ago, he debuted his “One Day Love” EP and I must say it is remarkable and quite a moving experience.

The EP begins with his hit track “I Got You”. Pretty bells and an echo filled vocals trickle through and after a sharp breath, nothing but beautiful deep bass. It’s such a soothing feeling, as a new electronic sound makes itself known second by second. The track picks up a bit at the end, providing a taste for what else is to come.

“Take It Slow” features the vocal stylings of Blest Jones, and is a very romantic and sensual track. This track combines smooth “slow jams” type r&b with a nice fluent chill trap rhythm. It fluxuates from sweet and soulful and picks up during the chorus. This one is most certainly a love making song.

The third track which carries the same title as the EP includes vocals from Bayimah. It begins with the sound of chirping birds and the same echoey voice from the first track. Bayimah’s soft and resounding voice complements the ambient sound of bells and mist. Deep future bass flows through the tune along with little clicks and taps of electronic sounds. This one is for sure my favorite on the EP.

“Siyu” is the final track on this EP. It begins with uplifting piano, followed by chilled out and light chimes. The track progresses onward, a build up leads to a drop yet there’s not really a drop at all. It tricks you, and swerves into an ambient intermission. But if you continue to listen, the drop does come and it comes in with a bang. A magical and enlightening beat releases itself and after it’s enchantment is heard, the piano carries the listener off again into a world of dreamy escape.

Kultur really hit the nail on the head with this EP, and I am so glad he makes this music. I definitely have been a supporter of his for a long time, and you can clearly see why. Look out for more from Kultur, support him by downloading this EP, and follow him for more updates on his musical journey.