Following rumors of deadmau5’s surprise performance at the highly anticipated post-finals show of Dota 2’s esteemed tournament, The International 2015, fans around the globe and at Seattle’s Key Arena awaited Joel’s appearance with bated breath. Finally, after USA’s very own Evil Geniuses were crowned champions having conquered China’s CDEC Gaming 3-1, the one and only Joel Zimmerman decided to close out the event with a very special set.

Sadly, not everything went as Valve (the company behind the game Dota 2 as well as The International) had planned. First of all, attendees in the crowd and online didn’t seem to equally share our excitement for seeing the mau5 perform and took to Twitter to lash out at the game company and the artist. Secondly, deadmau5 decided it would be a good idea to finish his set in potentially the most awkward way possible.

You can watch a short clip of what happened below.

You can watch the full performance HERE

It’s no surprise that after that spectacle, the hate train only grew further and from reddit to Twitter, the entire Dota 2 community was enraged at the artist.

Note: At the time of writing, it’s estimated that peak concurrent viewership for the final was 4.5 million viewers. Do keep in mind that that is a rough estimate based solely on a few online streams.