Skrillex is usually known for his more reserved demeanor in interviews, taking the more respectable approach than call someone out directly. His latest interview with AMP 92.3, a radio station in New York, shed a bit of a different light on the DJ/producer, who spoke at length about Deadmau5, Justin Bieber and even a bit about the Meek Mill and Drake beef.

Speaking on Deadmau5, interviewer Shoboy mentions the edit that Joel made of Jack Ü’s hit track “Where Are Ü Now,” and play it for Sonny. He says he loves the track in a joking way, but quickly qualifies his comment, mentioning, “I’ll always have love for Joel, but he’s an a**hole and everyone knows that. And he knows that and that’s kinda his thing.”

It’s not like we weren’t all thinking this, but from past interviews with Sonny, this does seem a little out of character for him.

Moving on in the interview, Skrillex is asked specifically about his time spent with Justin Bieber. Like Diplo, Sonny has nothing but praise for the young Biebs, stating, “he’s the most talented, gifted kid I’ve ever seen.” He goes on to describe many instances that he’s been surprised by Bieber, whether it’s in the studio freestyling or on the asphalt playing a game of SKATE (like HORSE but with skateboard tricks).

Shoboy tries to get Sonny’s read on the Meek Mill vs Drake beef, but he says he really doesn’t get involved with that side of things. “I’m not trying to take any sides,” Skrillex clarified. “But Drake was just so nonchalant about it.”

Finally, Sonny breaks it down and gets real, talking about bullying and his own experiences with it as a kid.

“No matter what, society can be hard. As long as you stick together in a group of people that are like minded, doing positive things, all of that stuff goes away,” says Skrillex. “There’s always someone like you. That’s when you have to take responsibility and be bigger and step outside of yourself and reach out to someone and mentor someone else.”

Check out the interview in full below.