VenessaMichaels has quickly proven herself to be a jack of all trades, creating tracks ranging from deep house to R&B-influenced chill trap. Her newest remix of Gallant‘s “Weight In Gold” sees her tweak and reimagine the best sections of the original in her own unique style. A fiercely diverse and ever-evolving take, VenessaMichaels’s remix is the perfect track for the late night club atmosphere. As her presence in the community continues to gain attention, watch out for even more stunning originals and powerful remixes to follow. “Weight In Gold” is currently up for free download.

The song starts with a restrained and simple beat, leading slowly into hi hat accompaniment and bed squeaks. Gallant’s vocals can be heard echoing around the space as the track ascends into a full-fledged Jersey beat, featuring strong stabs of synth and expert cymbal placement. The sensual breakdown maintains the energy from the drop, despite most of the elements being stripped away. The vocals remain forward and central after a long swell brings the listener back into the fray. The chorus is repeated once more, segmented and cut into a Lido-esque rhythm as it continues.

Download the track for free here!