For a name like Grandtheft, which is always appearing on one blog or another for a new release, remix or tour appearance, it’s kind of weird to think that he hasn’t released any single cohesive body of work yet. That’s precisely the case, but not for long.

Grandtheft’s debut EP, Quit This City, via Mad Decent, will be released this fall with seven equally delicious tracks. To get fans ready, Grandtheft is releasing their collaboration with Sleepy Tom called “Hold On,” an upbeat future trap tune that taps into the childish and nostalgic side in us all. It’s one part upbeat, two parts inspired, and when mixed, creates a light, fluffy, scrumptious treat that anyone can enjoy.

You can get “Hold On” via either of the links below, and be sure to keep an eye out for the EP when it drops!

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