Midwest producers are making a comeback, as cities like Chicago have been pumping out talent in a legion of euphoria. Copley, Ohio probably doesn’t immediately jump into your head, but now it definitely deserves a spot on your producer radar. 20-year old JIKES can be blamed for that, as his unique take on trap will send incessant chills down your spine. His most recent release, “Your Love,” is a perfect example of this emotional takeover.

It starts out with a blissful, arpeggiating synth, layered under an arrangement of modulated vocals. A marching band-style percussion line comes pounding in, and you find yourself bouncing in intense anticipation for the drop. The sub-bass hits, and a wave of ecstasy rolls over you as complex melodic synths grace your unsuspecting ears.

With over 3,000 followers, JIKES is proving that you can make a significant impact on the industry no matter where you’re from. He cites some of his most powerful influences as Seven Lions and Above and Beyond, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see his name as revered as theirs some time in the foreseeable future.