Gallant’sWeight In Gold” seems to be the next “Where Are Ü Now,” as it’s gaining major attention amongst producers of all skill levels. Countless remixes are posted each week, resulting in a song that’s dangerously close to being overplayed. But before that happens, give Louis Futon’s remix a listen, as it’s easily one of the best remixes of this track available to date.

Louis Futon’s rendition utilizes most of the original vocal track, laying down a beautiful futuristic beat behind the singing. These combine flawlessly, allowing Gallant’s vocals to be the standout element of the mixdown. It seems like Louis drew inspiration from a number of different genres and sounds, as elements of jazz, R&B, and future bass can all be heard throughout the song. The result is a near-perfect tune that easily takes the top spot for remixes of “Weight In Gold.”

Stream the track below! Alternate stream available on Spotify.