Claptone sneakily became a power player in the house music scene, largely due to his tendency to produce hit track after hit track. With his debut album Charmer set to release on October 15, the masked producer sits on the precipice of crossing over to larger audiences. Claptone paired with a rising British band for his latest remix, a move that complements his impending explosion in popularity.

Synthpop duo Hurts enlisted Claptone to give their track “Some Kind of Heaven” a house makeover, a decision that pays off handsomely for both parties. With this remix, Claptone infuses the pop-friendly track with his four on the floor sensibilities, a fusion that Claptone continues to mine for musical gold. Hurts’ vocals dominate the remix, but the German producer makes effort to give the remix a dance floor finish that goes above the usual efforts heard by similar remixes of pop songs.

Listen to Claptone’s remix of Hurts’ “Some Kind of Heaven” below: