ZeroThree Records is one of the best labels around, always introducing the dance scene to new artists and fresh tunes that occupy many of your playlists. Their newest release features the talented David Vrong and his ‘Reflection’ EP – made up of two electrifying tracks that that will stir your senses right to the core. The first goes by the name of “Erase Me”, a five and a half minute banger that never seems to get old. He mixes a blood-pumping sample perfectly with a thunderous, bass heavy house rhythm. The melody is simple but it’ll stick with you, trust me.

The second tune hold the title name, “Reflection”, and holds a smoother, poolside tone that is appeasing the minute you press play. He lulls you into a euphoric ride as light synths stir the background while a beautiful vocal rides forefront.

Listen below and share it with your friends!