Morgan Freeman. Benedict Cumberbatch. Stephen Fry. Dustin Hoffman, even. All famous personalities with clear, distinct, and recognizable speaking voices. This makes them ideal for narration, especially in documentaries.

Though there’s no one quite like David Attenborough, an English broadcaster and naturalist, who has appeared on over 100 documentaries throughout his lifetime. Though you might not recognize the name, you will most certainly recognize the voice.

The funny bit is when YouTube host cassetteboy cut and pasted various clips from Attenborough documentaries, spliced them together, and put them over a video of an “average” night out at the club. The commentary is witty and dry, like all good British humor, but even Americans are sure to get a kick out of this parody of clubbing. Check out the full video below, and enjoy this small throwback on a Tuesday.


H/T inthemix