Troll-master Deadmau5 took to Twitter today in an unexpected turn of events. Instead of lashing out, Joel took the time to write out a pretty nice message to the musically like-minded Eric Prydz, praising Prydz for one of his recent releases, “Opus.” Deadmau5 exclaimed that “Opus” is ‘real’ music; check out the full Tweet below:

Then, Prydz tweeted back, suggesting that it’s finally time for the two producers to collab:

Deadmau5’s response hints at the idea that a collab might happen, something fans have been anxiously awaiting for ages:

And speaking of new studio, check out the latest update Joel posted to his Instagram:

Studio progress report: ceiling hanging supports are in 🙂

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Stream “Opus” below to see what all the hype is about, and check out a more comprehensive look at the track here.