PAX Prime, an annual event held in the United States, is one of the ultimate meccas for the gaming industry. Thousands of fans from around the globe travel to learn about the latest games, technologies and what the gaming industry has been up to for the last year. Being one of the best, PAX Prime is the perfect showcase for new and upcoming talent to expose the world to their new and innovative games. NetEase, a game development company, is looking to shake this year’s event up in a big way.

To celebrate the launch of their first mobile platform game, Speedy Ninja, NetEase is bringing in Steve Aoki to play a free show for the launch party. While NetEase has plans to launch several more games in the western market, they believe their first mobile game is worthy of a massive celebration. When asked about the event, Steve Aoki seemed ecstatic for the opportunity:

“Anybody who knows me understands I’m passionate about dance music, so I was stoked when NetEase offered me the opportunity to perform a free concert for my fans. I’m a huge gamer myself and was immediately pulled in by Speedy Ninja’s art style and fast-paced gameplay. It’s cool to help this company celebrate the launch of their first game.” -Steve Aoki

The concert will be free to anyone with PAX Prime tickets and the event will be held Friday, August 28th at the EMP Museum in Seattle. Doors will open at 8:00pm and with a large amount of people expected to attend, you will want to get there early.

You can check out NetEase’s new game, the Speedy Ninja, below: