Porter Robinson has made clear time and time again that he’s one of the most genuine and well-intentioned artists in our scene – and his recent video responses with asQme only further legitimizes those claims.

From discussing his family life to what he draws inspiration from for his music, the North Carolina native also surprises us with revealing who the special someone who he gets souvenirs for. Check out the awesome interviews below and check back for more video interviews with your favorite electronic music artists around!

What’s your older brother like?

What kind of souvenir would you like to buy in Japan? Who do you want to give it to?

In what order do you create your music? Do you first come up with the lyrics or the rhythms? Does it suddenly hit you or do you spend hours trying to come up with one? I’d love to know! Thank you. Sincerely, Mitsu who loves Porter so much.

What’s your favourite vocaloid sound? And have you ever used them in your music albums?

Do you favour other music video games besides ‘Dance Revolution’, or are there any music video games you would like to try out when you come to Japan in August? I’m looking forward to your live show held on the 17th of August!