Justice has been gone for far too long. Since their leave of absence from the scene, fans around the world have kept their ears to the ground hoping to hear some details of their return. Finally, after a year of silence, a glimmer of hope may have just revealed itself.

A 51 second song preview was uploaded to The French Shuffle, a Soundcloud page dedicated to French-specific music, after the clip was discovered in the latest episode of The Only Music PodcastThe disclaimer, written by The French Shuffle, identifies the clip as either a potentially new track or an old demo from 2008.

As it rapidly makes its round on the internet, fans and critics are hypothesizing that the preview is indeed a new clip of Justice’s music. This is probably due to the fact that it was confirmed last year that the band was working on their third studio album. However, since the confirmation of Justice being back in the studio, new information has been virtually nonexistent. Everyone is wishful that this is a precursor to the eventual return of Justice with the release of their new album, which has been in the works for over a year, at the very least.

Check out the preview below and be the judge yourself:


H/T Dancing Astro