(Original Photo By: Bill Whittier)

The path to becoming a DJ isn’t glorious; those who break through do it with not only a passion for music, but with an determination to persevere against all odds. For Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed of Tritonal, their journey to now has been one paved with many difficult twists and turns. Their beliefs in each other, as well as their belief in their ability to create timeless music, has helped mold this duo into some of the most impactful DJ and producers in today’s dance scene.

To know Tritonal is to truly know yin and yang. Chad and Dave had completely different paths in the dance music world.  Chad began attending underground raves in Texas in 1997 when he was just a freshman in high school, listening to The Crystal Method and the Prodigy. His friends began a DJ crew but the high cost of vinyl led Chad to focus more on buying the actual production equipment. He became proficient in a specific synthesizer, often taking to a chat room to discuss it with other producers. There he met Dave, who listened to nothing but Trance and was still in high school. The two connected online and decided to meet in person, but Dave’s parents were cautious about him pursuing a career in music. Still, he moved to Texas for a year on a trial basis, where Tritonal’s relentless work ethic was born. In that year they recorded 57 songs and sent demos to every major Trance label like Anjunabeats, Flashover, and Armada, who signed their first track.

While their on-stage personalities differ, back home, their behaviors are actually quite similar, which is key to Tritonal’s success. Learning how to work together has taught them so much more about themselves, especially when they took the biggest risk of their career just a few years ago. 

While Trance was where Tritonal excelled, releasing their debut album Piercing the Quiet and being a staple at Trance stages and radio shows around the world, Chad and Dave were always pushing the boundaries of their sound. Around this time, the EDM machine took off, with big-room, electro tracks captivating audiences and bringing EDM into the spotlight. Tritonal became energized by this new sound that they drew inspiration from it and began to produce edgier trance tracks, before deciding to completely abandon the genre altogether. As they had learned from countless examples in dance music before them, to make the switch was extremely risky. But in order for Chad and Dave to stay passionate about their craft, they had faith in their ability to produce good enough music to attract new fans, and refused to be lukewarm and stay in the trance/electro hybrid universe. With the release of their Metamorphic I EP, Tritonal stood firmly in their decision to move, even though they endured countless hateful messages from their fans. But once their Metamorphic II EP released and the world was introduced to the progressive house smash “Now Or Never”, it was clear that the move had been worth it.

At the same time, Tritonal became co-owners of the Enhanced Music label. Their time learning more about the music industry allowed Chad and Dave to understand the value of managing their own brand. They produce, write, mix and master all of their tracks, as well as their weekly radio show Tritonia. They even learned how to make their own visuals, from a Tron-inspired Tritonal logo, to 3D geometric animals for their latest single “Gamma Gamma”. It’s part of the reason why the two are never seen popping bottles and drinking the night away before and after their sets. When you have your hand in every aspect of your career, you need to be at 100% at all times.

Their dedication to a lengthy career in music have motivated them to make more long-term decisions rather than work for instant gratification. To ensure that they don’t spend the rest of their lives on the road DJing, Tritonal continue to build their legacy by never settling for less than excellent and perfecting the art of songwriting and audio engineering for both themselves and their label.

What’s most inspiring about Tritonal is not just their rapidly growing careers, but Chad and Dave themselves. Whether it’s Chad’s 8 years of sobriety, or Dave completely throwing himself into his passion at just 17, Tritonal as people have always gained the respect and admiration of their fans and colleagues.

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